Specialized Natural Health Care

Primary Care

Whole Family Care

Dr. Perchemlides is a Licensed Naturopathic Physician who provides primary care to all family members: infants, children, adult men and women, and the elderly. Because Dr. Perchemlides is clinically trained in both conventional and natural medicine, and has many years of experience using both in a clinical setting, he uses a fully integrative approach to care. Dr. Perchemlides prioritizes natural medicine as a first line therapy and uses conventional treatments when necessary. Dr. Perchemlides believes in leaving no stone unturned in his patients’ pursuit of optimal wellness.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Perchemlides believes in short-term symptom management using natural or conventional therapies, prioritizing or switching entirely to natural therapies when safe and possible, and ultimately, natural health maintenance and prevention of future illness. Because the ultimate goal for patients is optimal wellness, Dr. Perchemlides spends ample time with his patients, getting to know their health histories and educating them about healthful lifestyle practices through his detailed and customized treatment plans. Informed by a strongly evidence-based approach, Dr. Perchemlides believes in teaching his patients the science behind their conditions as well as his treatments.