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Peter G.

I’m 61 years old, and for about 18 years I have been taking the cholesterol drug Lipitor. I started with 10 mg, then 20, 40, and recently my cardiologist prescribed 40 mg. My “bad” cholesterol remained stubbornly high, even though I have always eaten fairly healthfully and have exercised regularly.

About a year ago my blood pressure also went up, and I began taking medication for that as well. When I realized that my situation was not improving, I sought Dr. Perch’s help. He coached me through a three-month diet and supplement regimen which, he claimed, if I followed strictly, would allow me to “throw all of my pills away.” He customized this plan specifically for me and wrote everything down. We had brief, semi-frequent follow-up appointments, which helped keep me on-track.

Although I had been a patient of Dr.Perch’s before and trusted him, I was very skeptical that three months of anything would reverse 18 years of symptoms, and so was my cardiologist. But a three month investment was a small price to pay for the possibility of better health, so I gave it a try.

Three months later I am 22 pounds lighter, my cholesterol readings were perfect, and my blood pressure is normal. My doctor couldn’t believe it, and honestly, neither could I! And the only side effect was having to get all of my suits taken in.

Today, five months after starting, I am maintaining my results, and Dr. Perch is coaching me through re-incorporating many of the foods I used to eat into my diet in a healthy and moderate way. I’m so grateful to Dr. Perch for this gift.

Peter G.