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Cancer Services

Natural Control of the Symptoms of Chemotherapy and Radiation

One of Dr. Perchemlides’ primary roles as a Naturopathic Oncologist is to treat the symptoms caused by conventional cancer drugs and therapies. This makes the individual who is undergoing treatment more comfortable and preserves his or her quality of life.

Using naturopathic cancer treatment alongside of conventional treatment can often make the difference between being able to “survive and thrive” through conventional treatment and having to stop because of severe symptoms.

As soon as the medical oncologist prescribes the chemotherapy, Dr. Perchemlides designs an individualized treatment plan to educate the patient about potential side effects and crafts a plan to minimize those symptoms.

For example, if the conventional treatment causes peripheral neuropathy, as Cisplatin does, Dr. Perchemlides will craft a supplement support plan that is safe to use with that chemotherapy agent and that will protect the nerves and support their recovery.

Cancer pharmaceuticals save lives. They also cause severe side effects, such as nerve damage, heart damage, diarrhea, damage to the mouth and throat, hot flashes, “chemo brain,” insomnia, anxiety, depression, among many others. Many times these side effects disrupt life so much that patients feel they have no choice but to end their conventional treatments. Naturopathic cancer treatment, when delivered by a board certified naturopathic oncologist, can decrease these symptoms safely and considerably, empowering patients to continue living their lives and functioning at their best without compromising the ability of their conventional treatments to destroy cancer cells. A highly trained naturopathic oncologist will also deliver natural interventions that will protect healthy, non-cancerous cells from the effects of conventional treatment.