Specialized Natural Health Care

Dr. Perchemlides practices evidence-based integrative medicine, individualizes every treatment plan, and prescribes only medicinals sourced from the purest and most reliable ingredients.

Our Natural Pharmacy

Nutritional supplements are powerful medicine.

Nutritional supplements are powerful medicine and should be treated as such. Unlike pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements have fewer side effects and work with the body’s natural mechanisms to address the root cause(s) of illness. However, certain supplements can be contraindicated based on an individual’s health conditions and prescription medications. Only a Licensed Naturopathic Physician has received extensive training in how to prescribe and dose nutritional supplements safely according to a patient’s individual medical history. Also, purchasing supplements directly from a Licensed Naturopathic Physician is the only way to ensure purity and potency.

The dispensary at SNHC stocks many commonly needed nutritional support items, and Dr. Perchemlides can work with other local businesses where quality supplements are sold or custom order for patients when needed. Because Dr. Perchemlides sources only the purest, most potent ingredients, he is able to provide certificates of purity and potency for any item sold to patients at SNHC.

Healthy Cell Pack

The Healthy Cell Pack gives your body the ability to fight smarter and feel stronger.

It is safe to use alongside of Chemotherapy and Radiation* (*contraindicated with Velcade). This product is appropriate for patients who are being treated for Cancer or who have finished Cancer therapy; and for those seeking to reduce their risk of cancer occurrence or re-occurrence.

Dr. Perchemlides created The Healthy Cell Pack because he believes that it has the potential to significantly improve cancer outcomes nationally.

HCP is Dr. Perchemlides’ unique formulation and is currently available exclusively from his office.

Five Reasons to Use Healthy Cell Pack:

  • Safe to use alongside of chemotherapy and radiation* (*contraindicated with Velcade)
  • Appropriate for patients being treated for cancer or who have finished cancer therapy
  • Powerful immune support for those with a family history of cancer or seeking to reduce their risk of cancer occurrence or recurrence
  • Superior quality, purity and potency compared with other products
  • Formulated by Dr. Matthew Perchemlides, a specialist in Integrative and Naturopathic Oncology

For more information about Healthy Cell Pack please call Dr. Perchemlides’ office at 802-989-7669

Formulas for Individual Needs

Dr. Perchemlides uses nutritional counseling to provide individualized, science-based, and therapeutic treatment for his patients. Nutritional plans often include supplement recommendations that are completely individualized to patients’ needs and are based on a thorough patient interview and medical history, physical exam, and lab work when necessary.

We offer special supplement packs to individuals who are experiencing a combination of symptoms that are commonly seen in our office. While it is always safest to have a consultation with Dr. Perchemlides before starting a nutritional supplement support program, these supplement combinations are available to both patients and non-patients over the counter at Dr. Perchemlides’ office.

Pediatric Immune Booster Maintenance Pack

A gentle combination of supplements and herbs in child-safe doses for children ages 2-6 who need help preventing or minimizing the symptoms of frequent colds or flu.

Pediatric Acute Immune Support Pack

A gentle combination of supplements and herbs in child-safe doses for children ages 2-6; good to have on hand for when a child is sick with cold or flu to reduce the symptoms and duration of an acute illness.

NEW! Mama’s Power Pack

A breastfeeding safe combination of herbs and supplements that promotes lactation, healing, energy, healthy weight regulation, immune function, and emotional wellness for optimal vitality in the first two years following postpartum. Let’s you get on with the work of motherhood without the distraction of poor health, exhaustion, and physical discomfort. Also available without the lactation support for formula-feeding mamas.

NEW! Papa’s Power Pack

A combination of herbs and supplements tailored to the needs of new papas, who are caretakers of both mother and child. Promotes optimal energy, immune function, and emotional wellness so you can get on with the work of fatherhood without the distraction of poor health, exhaustion, and physical discomfort.