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Natural Medicine and Conventional Cancer Treatment

Despite the very loud and vehement protestations of conventional physicians, more than half of all Americans, and 80% of cancer patients are seeking some kind of “alternative” or “natural” medicine, however, few of them are doing so under the guidance of a qualified Naturopathic physician. Moreover, most do not disclose their choices to their doctors. Read More…

Products Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors Should Not Take

As a Naturopathic Oncologist I work alongside of Medical Oncologists to provide complete care for people facing a new cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and for people who have completed their conventional care. This model of care is called Integrative Oncology and it allows people to receive the best of conventional care and the best of natural medicine simultaneously and is possible because the patient works with a physician expert in both areas. Read More…

What is Apoptosis?

The cells of a multicellular organism are members of a highly organized community. The number of cells in this community is tightly regulated—not simply by controlling the rate of cell division, but also by controlling Read More…