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Cancer Care

How Can an ND, FABNO Integrate My Cancer Care?

I specialize in knowing exactly what the research has to say about the impact of each area of our lifestyle on each type of cancer. With many years of experience caring for patients with general medical concerns and chronic conditions other than cancer I can also make sure that we modify your lifestyle to meet your exact medical needs.

If you are wondering what type of exercise you should be doing as a cancer patient or as a cancer survivor, I can tailor create a program to meet your needs and to improve your ability to get and stay healthy.

If you are trying to sort through all the information about diet and cancer, please ask me what exactly you should be eating. In addition to my medical training and specialization in oncology care and natural medicine, I also hold a degree in nutrition and am well versed to explain what foods and nutritional supplements fight cancer, what herbs and spices fight cancer, what vegetables and fruits are best to fight and prevent cancer, to explain if dairy is good for or bad for cancer patients, to help you know if you should eat meat and fish if you are fighting cancer or trying to prevent a recurrence, to explain the role of grains and healthy-fats in helping support your fight against cancer.

I can also personalize plans to help you implement relaxation techniques, meditation, prayer, group support and other mind-body practices that are supported by clinical evidence to improve a person’s ability to withstand their condition and their treatments they are facing.

You may have heard that the “toxins in your cosmetics and cleaning products can cause cancer.” I can help you dispel the myths and to identify those items that may truly be harmful and provide you with alternatives that fit your needs and preferences.

I can help you create a lifestyle that will help you fight your cancer diagnosis and gain vitality and well-being as a survivor.