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Tick Bite, Now What? Lyme Disease Prevention: An Integrative Approach PART TWO

When we moved to the Vermont woods, we knew that it would only be a matter of time before each of us would be bitten by a tick. However, we assumed that with preventive measures and thorough tick checks, we would only be bitten once or twice a year. Certain that 1-2 doses of antibiotics a year, combined with a high quality probiotic, would not adversely affect us or our children, we proceeded to use prophylactic antibiotics to treat the first, and then the second tick bite. Read More…

Preventing Lyme Disease: An Integrative Approach

In March, with snow still on the ground, and having not played outside in over 48 hours, my son felt a sharp pinch in his scalp and a knowing expression fell over his face, then mine. “Is this a tick in my head?” He asked the inevitable, and still in disbelief (I mean it was early March for heaven’s sake!), I parted his hair to find the infamous pest chewing on him with its noxious mandibles. Read More…