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Bette Bischoff, MD, RD

I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with Dr Matthew Perchemlides at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa for over 1 year. Our case load was mostly complex cancer patients. I was consistently impressed with the fund of knowledge exhibited by Dr Perchemlides in many stage III and stage IV clinical case presentations. He provided evidence-based Naturopathic treatment recommendations to our patients- which helped to provide critical immune support and reduce the adverse symptoms from the needed cancer treatments. I have no doubt that these naturopathic interventions helped our patients to complete full courses of conventional treatment plans-that may have been truncated otherwise due to the toxicities that are well documented in chemotherapeutic interventions.

During frequent interactions, Dr Perchemlides stood out among his peers, in his ability to discuss the nature of the individual’s cancer along with conventional therapy and the scientific rationale for naturopathic treatments. This area, although very helpful has many potential interactions and contraindications- and if not closely monitored can decrease the therapeutic efficacy of patient treatments. With the concomitant help of Dr Perchemlides, I felt that patients were safer and less likely to “dabble” in their own mixtures of supplements and herbs- as they had an educated sounding board to receive credible information from.

He was equally adept at meeting the emotional and psychosocial concerns of his patient. He empowered his patients with comprehensible education tools regarding their disease state and recommended treatments. Due to his extensive medical background as an RN, he was able to recognize clinical problems that needed prompt intervention that are outside of the realm of naturopathy and aptly referred patients when appropriate.

Lastly, Dr. Perchemlides was easily able to fit into the western model of health care as a member of the team and developed productive relationships with fellow doctors and hospital staff that fostered efficient communication and collaboration. I enjoyed working with him and felt the loss when he decided to move back to Vermont.

Bette Bischoff, MD, RD
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Registered Dietitian