Specialized Natural Health Care

Leave no stone unturned.

At Specialized Natural Health Care we are dedicated to optimal wellness through evidence-based, integrative care. Inspired by his father, who undertook exhaustive research in integrative therapies during his battle with cancer, Dr. Perchemlides insists on turning over every stone in pursuit of patient wellness.

We specialize in general medicine for children and adults, preventive care, management of chronic disease, and integrative cancer treatment.

Areas of Care

Specialized Natural Health Care was founded by Dr. Perchemlides to help patients achieve optimal wellness through evidence-based, integrative care. Dr. Perchemlides’ mother, a Nurse Practitioner and single mom of five boys, inspired his nursing career, the loss of his father to cancer sparked his dedication to integrative oncology, and his wife and children continue to inspire Read More…

About SNHC

Dr. Perchemlides practices evidence-based integrative medicine, individualizes every treatment plan, and prescribes only medicinals sourced from the purest and most reliable ingredients.

Natural Medicinals

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